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Assuming you have valuable services priced fairly, contacting prospective customers is the foundation of successful marketing campaigns. If you would like help, we want to be on your marketing team.

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Competitive Marketing Analysis

Its better to know!

What are your prospects searching?

Do you show up in online searches?

Can your website produce better?

What are your competitors doing?

What tech should you know about?

This is a comprehensive case study on your web marketing

Expand Online!

Introducing the features of our

Competitive Marketing Analysis (CMA)

Specifically, here’s what we’re going to do…


WEBSITE’S COMPUTER CODE – we’ll figure out why you don’t show up.

COMPETITION ANALYSIS – we’ll do intel for you figuring out what the guys that are showing up are doing.

SALESMANSHIP ANALYSIS – If clients come to your site, will they become a lead or sale?

MARKET RESEARCH – we’ll see what your prospects are typing in when they are searching. For example, in Chicago people say “car repair” and in Florida they say “Auto Repair”. To a computer those are two different phrases.

SPECIFIC RECOMENDATIONS – a prioritize list of specific recommendations that will increase your firm’s income.

1-2 HOUR CONSULTATION – we’ll provide you with all the data we’ve found and give you our suggestions on how to proceed.