About Us



Staff Employed

People are more stable and confident in life when they have a job. We’ve done our part to offer opportunities for people with various talents and skills. Our staff is judged on what they produce and how they treat people, not where they came from.


Positive Stories

In the past few years, we’ve written and published free of charge over 15,000 positive, good-news stories on business owners. These good news stories are often what comes up in online searches when one is doing due diligence on a business or person.


Customers Serviced

Since our inception in 1992 with a purpose to help businesses expand, our team and organizations have serviced over 2,000,000 customers of all sizes from Fortune 50 to mom & pops.

Stability Counts 

If stability and consistency in the business relationships you depend on is important, please know that we have made weekly payrolls, answered customer service calls live, and maintained friendly relationships with the public for over 30 years (1992).


With business owners often confused, we’re happy to educate, answer questions, and brainstorm with our clients. Our Preferred Clients receive unlimited consulting.

Where the buck stops

We’ll answer questions, evaluate ours and our competitors’ web work, and give advice to our clients to the best of our ability, even when it’s news they really would rather avoid.

We do really good work for our clients, but are far from perfect. We do, however, promise our clients they will always get our candor.


Please Get to Know Us

Our Intention

Our intention is to help those that want our help in expanding their customer base, gross revenues, profits, and competence .

Our team has developed proprietary technologies through a sophisticated engineering approach, otherwise known as trial and error.

Marketing Results Achieved!

Within 12 months of coming on board, 100% of our fully serviced marketing clients increase their relevant Google Page 1 rankings, 100% get leads from the internet, and for those we have “before stats”, we double (or better) their web traffic.

Our job is to discover the prospects. Your job is to turn those prospects into money.

All Products are Guaranteed!

All of our products and services are guaranteed! In simple terms, we’ll continue working on our clients’ projects until we get the proverbial “Two Thumbs Up”!

On-time Delivery Provided
Business owners that need prediction with their vendors need not look any further, as we will give you an exact time-line of what will be delivered and when, and we always hit our targets even if burning the midnight oil is necessary.

Website Marketing Basics: Get Your Website Found & Producing

This book quickly educates the small businessperson in the basics of developing and having a functional and productive website that can be found online by prospective customers searching for their products or services.

Business owners can and should be capitalizing on the modern-day gold rush, the internet. Unfortunately, many have become defeated and feel apathetic by their money wasted and the time forever lost in their failed attempts at using the internet to expand.

Internet marketing should ALWAYS be profitable. A business’s internet marketing department, whether in-house or outsourced, should produce leads, appointments, sales, and revenues.

So why have many small business owners failed or underachieved in the online marketing game?


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