Get paid up to $26,000 per Employee


  • Find out if you are eligable to receive this tax credit by having our Financial Services Consultant review your case.  
  • The consultant we’ll help determine the amount of money you qualify for.



  • Our experts will guide you through the application process, help you gather documentation, complete required forms, and prepare for filling. 
  • Our ERC experts will ensure your application is complete and accurate, so you can receive the full tax credit available ASAP.



          What is the ERC?

          The Employee Retention Credit is a tax credit created by the U.S. government to encouraged smaller businesses to retain employees during COVID-19 shutdowns and slowdowns.

          What are the costs?

          There is an initial Case Assessment fee of $500 to determine if you qualify, estimate the potential credit, and answer  questions.

          After the Case Assessment, should you choose to go request your credit, our fee to process and file your claim with the IRS is 15%, which is much lower than other firms’ fees for proccessing and filing ERC claims.

          There are additional stand alone optional services that some clients want and these services will have their own costs. For example, some clients may want their money in weeks insteads of months. Some finance companies will lend against the ERC claim for a fee or interest. These options will be discussed upon conclusion of the initial Case Assessment consultation.

          How do I get a cash refund from the ERC?

          The ERC is a federal payroll tax credit for payroll tax periods in 2020 & 2021. In most cases tax credits reduce the total amount of taxes owed. In the case of ERC not only does it reduce your taxes owed, but if your taxes owed are reduced to zero you are entitled to compensation above and beyond your original tax liability.

          If your business has previously filed 2020 and 2021 payroll taxes, you can retroactively claim the ERC to reduce your tax debt and where applicable receive a surplus credit, which can result in a cash refund.

          How much can I receive?

          If your business qualifies for all quarters, you could receive as much as $26,000 per employee.

          If I’ve already filed my business’s 2020 and 2021 federal payroll taxes, can I still receive the Employee Retention Credit?

          YES! Small businesses can apply for the Employee Retention Credit retroactively, even after filing taxes.

          Your credit will either be applied to your tax bill or result in a refund of tax money paid during the applicable quarter or other designated payroll tax period.

          Why use Expansion Support Services?

          We become part of your financial services team.

          Navigating the nuances of the Employee Retention Credit includes working through more than 170 pages of IRS documentation covering rules, required paperwork, and more. In short, it’s pretty complicated!

          We work with our partners and ERC tax experts to provide  you with an expert team helping maximize your ERC credit for your business and we do this with the least amount of time and effort on your part.

          We provide this valuable service to our customers with the intention of helping them expand.

          Is the ERC program worth the time and effort?

          Yes! You could receive as much as $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE through this tax credit. We’ll do our best to take the time and pain out of processing your claim.

          Additionally, the US government has additional tax credits and programs for small businesses, which are the foundation of the USA economy. It is a smart and valid business strategy for your businesses to have a financial services consultant keeping track of these types of programs and their benefits.

          How long does the process take to get paid?

          We are not the IRS and make no claims to the speed of their proccessing. Its been common for businesses to wait over 12 months; however, some of our clients have gotten paid in 5 months from their filing date.

          Whenever the credit arrives, it will likely be a good day to receive a check from the government.