Digital Marketing

Get your business found online!


Each digital marketing package comes with a Splash Website. We need a special web platform developed to containt the amount of content we’ll be adding to the site.

Splash Website


Professional Aesthetic Website Design

10-20 Navigation Pages

Up to 100 Hours of Design

Content Produced as Needed

Landing Pages for Ads

Images Purchased



Whether you are just starting out or want to dominate the internet, we have options to meet every business goal or every budget. The National Get Found packages are available at the listed prices.

Full Service Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

2000 (Bronze) – 5,000 (Silver), 10,000 (Gold) Ranking Pages Developed & Hosted

1,000 (Bronze) – 2,000 (Silver) – 10,000 (Gold) Page #1 Geo-Keyword Google Rankings

Google/FB Ads Mgmt – 20% of Spend

Voice Search Optimization – Alexa, Siri, Hey Google

4,000+ Words/month Content Added

Up to 100 hrs/year of Creative Arts

Weekly Content Creation

Basic Webpage Copywriting

Google Maps Optimization

Yahoo, Bing, Apple Maps Optimization

Weekly, content posted to Google Maps & Website

Online Service Ticket System

Online Appointment Scheduler

Google Ads Management – 20% of Spend

Facebook Ads Management – 20% of Spend

Minor & Major Website Changes

Hosting, Security, Backups

$1,000 Per Week – Bronze

or $2,000 per Week – Silver

or $5,000 per Week – Gold (Best Deal)


Page #1 Google Rankings is when a client’s website shows up organically as one of the 1st 10 companies listed in Google for a specific geo-keyword search. Paid ads, maps, and directory websites are not considered organic, thus not considered when determining a company’s Page #1 (top 10) rankings.  

Creative Arts includes branding, tag line development, logos, new web pages, digital ads, brochures, post cards, landing pages, research of ideas, etc.

Ranking pages are individual web pages optimized for a specific geo-keyword search term.

An Annual Security and Optimization Updates is when we renew the website’s security certificate, renew the domain if needed, update their content management system, update specialize and custom computer coded features, ensure all forms are secured, review and optimize as needed accounts such as Google My Business, Bing, Apple Maps, delete all cashed files, optimize site for speed and functionality, and ensure site is ranking well. The cost of this annual service is $500 starting a year from your order date and charged automatically.

Time Lines and Expectations… We will have your website developed to the state that we are comfortable making it live for the public to see within 30 days from the date we have received your content, images, ideas, etc. and have access to manage your domain. We’ll continue to make adjustments as you wish until you are satisifed. 

Getting your web presence ranked and web design are done by two different teams and often done simultaneously. We start the ranking process and development of hundreds of ranking pages almost immediately upon receipt of your order. We’ll have the total quantity of ranking pages ordered fully developed and submitted to Google within 60 days.

Your rankings will show improve within 90 days and we’ll send you your first “before and after” report at or before 90 days. We expect to have a majority of geo-keyword search terms ranking within 6 months and 100% of the quantity ordered ranking within 12 months.

Because our processes to pull off rankings within 90 days start on Day #1, so does our billing. Please don’t delay in getting us your content, ideas, etc.

We do not own or run your business thus cannot promise you an increase in sales, income or anything else not listed above.